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Mr. Manmeet Singh

    President and Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder Mr. Manmeet Singh leads the company's strategic direction and day-to-day operations as president and the CEO of the organization. Mr. Manmeet Singh has been involved with information technology for nearly over 10 years as an entrepreneur.

An engineering graduate from Delhi University, Mr. Manmeet Singh is responsible for leading this high-growth Software organization to successfully deliver high quality products through the development and integration of innovative technologies, enabling Scarlet Global's dream to provide unprecedented services to its customers overseas. He oversees the development of all services provided by Scarlet Systems.


Mrs. Shivani Singh


Vice President of Strategy and Business Development

Shivani Singh has been with the company since 2000 and as vice president of strategy and business development oversees strategy and vision development for Scarlet Systems, as well as business alliances and corporate development. Shivani Singh holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pittsburg University.



  JK Aggarwal
Secretary & Treasurer

JK Aggarwal is a certified public accountant and maintains an active certificate. Before joining Scarlet, he was a partner for 5 years in the accounting firm of high repute. He joined the company full-time in 1999.

Manager-Sales and Marketing

Madhuyamini helps the company’s sales and marketing efforts for its products and services to meet the needs of the domestic and offshore companies. She and her SEO/Direct Mktg team will continue to build the company’s marketshare in the high-end web software development market based in USA, UK and Europe. Before joining Scarlet, Madhuyamini led some significant marketing campaigns & SEO activities and has been a key part of two successful top offshore outsourcing companies.

  Vikram Kaushik

Chief Graphic Visualizer

Vikram Kaushik has over 12 years experience in graphic design & corporate identity solutions, working as a graphic designer and visualizer before joining Scarlet in 2001. He has participated in the development of several large corporate graphic and web design solutions and serves the company as one of the chief graphic visualizer of all its web & software services. Vikram holds a post graduate degree from national institute of fashion technology.

  Nitin Bhatia  
    Chief Technology Officer

Nitin started working for Scarlet as a developer in 2001. As CTO, Nitin is the creative genius behind Scarlet's unique Offshore outsourcing methodology platform.

Nitin has several years of experience in building large databases, high-transaction and high throughput web and client-server applications. Prior to joining Scarlet, Nitin was the Chief Architect at Scorpion Technologies, where he designed and developed a web-based Content Management system environment. Nitin holds a Master's of Science degree in Computer Science from Symbiosis institute, Pune.

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