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  Offshore Outsourcing Benefits

Offshore Outsourcing at a time was a buzz. It has turned to be just a procedure for the time being. To be better said, it is a necessary procedure to follow, because other than just reducing the cost, it increases the focus of the Outsourcing organization on its core competencies.

Undeniable is the factor that the cause for the fortune 500 companies to be attracted towards Offshore Outsourcing is the surveyed savings resulting through the process which can vary from a gross 40% to an enormous 60%.

Interestingly, Global Insight says that rather than reducing the number of jobs in the U.S., Offshoring is lowering costs for everyone and actually creating jobs, thanking to a more efficient economy.

It says that about 194,000 new jobsóboth IT and non-IT were created in 2003 thanks to Offshore IT Outsourcing, and by 2008 the number will reach over 589,000.

Given our global economy, the globalization of the IT industry is inevitable. Most big IT companies do much of their business overseas and naturally want to have some of their employees in those markets.

Lower wages in the developing nations are also a huge incentive to move operations, especially since high-speed communication removes many of the barriers to dealing with foreign colleagues and customers.

India has a huge pool of English speaking and computer literate graduate manpower, which caters to the growing demand for professionals for IT- enabled Services. These professionals are skilled as well as quality conscious.

India provides an income tax holiday till 2010 for export of IT-enabled services.

Many State Governments in India even offer special incentives and infrastructure for setting up IT-enabled Services.


Completing more within same budgets

Free-up and re-skill your workforce to take up newer projects

Flexibility in staffing

Maximizing the utility of existing systems

Reduces constraints on business processes and IT Short timescales and decreases risk

Helps move from legacy to Web enabled, future-proofed systems

Leverages tried and tested delivery frameworks

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