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  ASP.NET Software Development & ASP.NET Offshore Programming

Scarlet Global functions with ASP.NET enables programs to run faster with more designing errors simplified during the development stages. ASP.NET with C# and VB.NET provides a new programming model and infrastructure for more scalable and stable applications that provides greater protection.

We enable ASP.NET for improved runtime handling of applications, by applying similar metaphors to that of the Windows, which make development of rich user interfaces.

Our use of ASP.NET on cliental demand improves the utility of multilingual development, resulting in rapid building of applications allowing the contemporary templates to remain as the menu.

We have reloaded the applications wherein there was a leakage with the previous versions of ASP.

Professionals at Scarlet Global emphasize highly on the substantial development and thus enhance custom software applications using C#, VC++ or VB/ASP on the .NET environment.

With possession of Microsoft certified professionals, we take pride in stating that we are the contemporary best in the field as we level on experience in particular Microsoft developed complex environment.



ASP.NET is a much improved replacement for the previous ASP framework

ASP.NET code is heavily compiled and tested before its execution

ASP.NET does not even require the base of any scripting language

ASP.NET allows for full separation of code from HTML

ASP.NET state management works in a Web farm environment


Our ASP.NET software development services include:


Languages: C#, VBA, Visual Basic, MS Visual C++

Web Technologies: VB Script, IIS, DHTML, ASP, ASP.Net

Databases: MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server 7.0 - SQL Server 2000

Programming API: COM, DCOM/COM+, ActiveX, Win-Sockets, Windows DDKs ATL, OLE, OLE Automation

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